Myadppayroll manages the payroll of a company. The main purpose of Myadppayroll is to maintain employees payment list on behalf of a company. It becomes very difficult for any company to manage payments for each and every individual employee. Myadppayroll helps a company to accomplish this task successfully. It prepares the list of all the ledgers of the employees and allocates the payment for the employees. Myadppayroll collects funds from the company and issues the payments to all the employees of that particular company.
Every employee's payments are stored in Myadppayroll and can track their payments at any time. Myadppayroll can be used for the all the types of companies viz small, medium and large-scale companies. If you are a new user then you should know how to register and login to your Myadppayroll account.

How to login to Myadppayroll:

  • Click on this link.
  • Enter your Client ID.
  • Enter your User ID.
  • Enter your Password.
  • If you are an admin then your User ID is "admin".
  • If you are an employee then your Client ID is given to you by your employer.
  • If you are facing any problems while logging in, then make sure that you are typing the correct Myadppayroll Client ID and Password.
  • In case of lost Client ID's, employees should contact their employer and if you are an employer then you can contact customer support.

Small-scale Myadppayroll customer support:

  • Go to Small business Employer Support.
  • Select your region.
  • Now press "GO".
  • Your regional customer number will now be displayed.
  • Contact the number and have your problems solved.
Employee(Medium and Small):

Medium scale Myadppayroll customer support:

  • Visit here.
  • Choose your region.
  • press "GO".
  • Call the number that you see on the screen.

How to register at Myadppayroll:

  • Ask your Employer or HR department for the details for Client ID 
  • Get User ID from your Employer .
  • Your registration is only possible if your employer has opted-in and you have provided your email id to your employer.
As a new client for the Myadppayroll, you should have to consult the Myadppayroll team. For doing this, just implement the steps provided here.
  • Visit this link New Business.
  • Now you will see a screen, asking you to complete the form.
  • You should fill in the details of your company viz., your company name, number of employees, telephone number etc.,
  • Make sure you have completed all the mandatory fields( "*" marked fields are mandatory)
  • Now press "submit".
  • The support team will contact you as soon as they can.
or you can contact the support team.
Australian users can call 
  • T: 1300 961 734
  • F: 1800 880 729
Other users call the succeeding numbers
  • T: +61 3 9566 5100
  • F: +61 3 9566 7129